WordPress.com blog on Verio

I was trying to host our new Technology council of Southern California blog on a sub-domain that’s managed by Verio.

I followed the instructions, but Verio doesn’t allowing mapping a CNAME to a domain that also redirects to a CNAME as I found out from this blog post.

Using IPtools, I learned that the subdomain.wordpress.com blog CNAME’s to lb.wordpress.com.

I updated the Verio settings to:

blog.tcosc.org. 86400 IN CNAME lb.wordpress.com.

and the sub-domain now works.

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  1. Dang, I thought tripping onto this blog post was my saving grace, but alas, it did not work for me. We have a client who hosts with Verio and cannot get thwir wordpress blog subdomained. VERY frustrating as they hired us to SEO for them and that is a big part of it.

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